my living room smiled at me

21228976Wednesday night I as I wiped off some sticky from my coffee table and then some other sticky substance from my laptop, I started composing in my head.  Life with a 12 year old is sticky.

I had a long day at school Thursday, I started to dread going home filled with puppy dog and little boy clutter everywhere.  I wanted to go home and just relax.  Well, when I got home, there was my brother at the door waiting for me, he opened the door and it smelled. 

It smelled like Pine Scented Lysol. :) Sam had cleaned up all the clutter.  He had swept, vacuumed, and mopped the living room and hallway.  It was wonderful!!  He did this all by himself with no prompting or asking.  He also washed a load of towels and a load of sheets during the day.  He also put my clothes in the wash and helped me to hang them up last night.

He asked me "is your house smiling at you?"  Yes, Sam, it is.  He is one great kid!!

I am glad I didn't really compose that first post with all the complaining because even though life with a 12 year old might be a little stickier than life alone, life with a 12 year is filled with lots more blessings too!! :)


  1. What a special gift your brother gave you! And I'm wondering if he's aware of how very blessed he is to be there with you this summer?! What an experience for him. All of us out here in blogland would love to take his place :)

  2. That is sooooo sweet. I love my little brother too, but he NEVER would have cleaned up! :D

  3. what a wonderful little brother you have! praise God! =)

  4. Way to go SAM!! What a sweetie! I love that he made the house smile! Good job Sam-Sam, wanna come and clean my house with me?? My new husband is messy and cluttery too!! HAHAHA :) -Sarah


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