my doggie has a name

My little guy's name is . . . . . Gilby!

Even though Gilby is not the highest on the poll right now (I actually voted for Quincy, myself) after talking to some other people and they all "voted" for Gilby but don't have computer access and after I unconsciously called him Gilby a few times the other day . . . I decided Gilby it should be. :)  Cute name for a cute pup, right?

Here is my current fave pic of Gilby:


my new doggie

我的小狗來了!!  好高興哦!!

YEA!!  My new doggie has come!!!

However, he still has no name.

Gilby1_1 Gilby3

Isn't he just the cutest??

my door

Here is the door to my apartment:


When I came home today, it made me think of my "milkshake-ness" -- a little American and a little Taiwanese at the same time!  For those of you who can't read Chinese, the red paper says "peace and joy."

my observation of cultural difference #10012

in america, if you have some kind of repairman or delivery man coming to your house . . . you plan on waiting for them for a L  O  N  G  time!  In fact, if they say they are going to come at 9 AM, you might as well take off work for the whole day!

Today, I had some pieces of furniture delivered.  On the schedule it said it was to be delivered after 3 PM.  I got a call at 1 asking if it was ok for them to come at that time. 

WHAT!!?!?!  early?  you gotta be kidding me!! 

I am impressed with their efficiency.

oh, and now i just gotta find someone to come help me put it all together . . . any volunteers?

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