our virtual guestbook

This was a totally random idea I thought up.  I've since seen someone else do something very similar but in a much more elegant, professional way. 

Wu Wedding ReceptionAnyway, what we did was . . . . we asked my cousin to go around to the different tables during the reception with a whiteboard and our digital camera.  She asked our friends and family to write a message and then pose with the white board.

I am SO glad we did this.  It was SO fun to look through the photos during our honeymoon. People said things on the white board they never would have on a traditional guest book.

Thanks Tiffany for blessing us in this way!!!

Below is a random order sampling of most of the photo blessings taken at our reception.

Our virtual guestbook


  1. This is a really fun idea! And what a great way to have a picture of every guest who came!

  2. Another fun idea! And much nicer than the random video wishes!!

  3. That's a really fun way to do your guestbook...especially since you probably don't get to see everyone too often. I probably would have frozen and not had any idea what to write on the whiteboard ;)
    By the way, I loved the post about your cake-cutting!

  4. My friend had a polaroid camera and everyone had their pic taken and then had to write under their pic a message- but this looks great fun! We never even thought to have a guest book!

  5. What an absolutely cool idea! =) I just had a traditional signature board, but your idea is SO MUCH BETTER! love all your wedding pics! God bless!


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