here we go . . .

I can't thank my mother enough for helping us to have our wedding at an inn that is handling nearly everything for us!!  Our stress has been minimal in regards to wedding planning even though we only had three months to plan our wedding.  And, one of those months we were still in Taiwan and one of those months we were busy spending time with each other, sightseeing, and meeting with family.

Also, our pre-marital counselor (a missionary in Taiwan) gave us a golden piece of advice.  He told Lawrance to give me one specific set time each week to talk about wedding stuff with him, the rest of the time we were to work on continuing to build our relationship and prepare for marriage.  We weren't supposed to discuss wedding stuff 24/7.  It was golden advice.  It was great for me, and, I think, it was good for him too. 

So, I thought I'd share with you just exactly what our current mental states are: 

Stagecoach Inn in Salado

At the Capital of Texas Stagecoach Inn in Salado

You'd be amazed (well then again, if you know us IRL, maybe you wouldn't) at how many people have told us how loud our house is going to be--a place of fun and laughter and just sheer joy!!  Of course, we hope we also have done the same thing with the wedding.  We hope it is a fun, fun, time of joy and laughter . . . and an opportunity to glorify God because He is our everything, the reason for all the fun and laughter we share.

Our wedding is in two days . . . here we go!!

"Yes, the Lord has done amazing things for us!

What joy!"

(Psalm 126:3 NLT)

in Downtown Austin

horseback riding

Riding Horses

An important thing to do while in Texas: ride a horse. 

Some of our friends that we worship with (their two little girls are some of my "little friends" and will be junior bridesmaids in our wedding) own and board horses.  So, we made a deal--let us babysit your kids so yall can go on a date and in return let us ride your horses. 

It was wonderful.  We loved the horse riding and the babysitting too. :)  Lawrance had difficulty getting on the hose, and I had trouble getting off.  Needless to say there was lots of laughter going on all night.

Riding Horses

hidler kids
p.s. bug on tongue is plastic.  :)

signing my name

Every time I've signed my name in the last two or three days I catch myself thinking "is the going to be the last time I sign it like this?"

I cannot believe we are down to the last week.   . . . wow.  just wow.

10 days till wedding . . .

Today marks ten days till the wedding . . . on one hand it seems so right and on the other it just seems so crazy.  God is good. 

I'm enjoying all the time Lawrance and I've been having with each other and with my family.  I've not let myself think about wedding at all since he got here--besides getting tuxes, rings, and license within the first two days of his arrival.  But, yesterday mom and I went to pick up the dress.  Things are starting to feel more and more final/real . . . and that is good. 

I know the next ten days are going to fly by . . . oh we are going to have FUN!!  I'll fill you all in on all the details once we are back in Taiwan, and I promise (Lord willing) to share lots of photos. :)

family reunion

Parmley Family Reunion
Last week we had our first ever annual Parmley family reunion.  There were a total of four generations present ranging in age from 2 months to 76 years. :)

What a special time together as a family.  Thanks for making it happen, Mom!

Lots more photos of all the fun on flickr.

In other news, yesterday marked three weeks till the wedding . . . it's getting close!! Yipee!!

yay!! :)

We got our Marriage Licence!! :)

We got our marriage license today!!  We can now officially receive the rites of matrimony. :)

oh yeah . . . by the way, Lawrance is now in Texas!

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