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We met through a mutual friend.  She basically begged Lawrance to go on "just one date" with Amanda.  It didn't take long for us to realize that God had made us for each other. We dated for about four months before he proposed, and we married three months later.  It was one whirlwind of a year, perhaps the most perfect year of our lives. 

We currently live in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  Lawrance is in seminary, and Amanda teaches at a local university.  We love to tell people about Jesus and look forward to the day when we can be in ministry full time.

Amanda and Lawrance are in a cross-cultural marriage (their story starts at "No way, she's an American").  Lawrance is Hakka and has lived in Taiwan his whole life, while Amanda is a Texan and has lived in Taiwan since 2003 as a tentmaking missionary and has been blogging about it since 2005.

I, Amanda, was 30 when we married.  It was hard being single in my 20s.  I blogged about it a lot as I struggled through the process of praying and hoping and waiting, waiting, waiting.

We are currently struggling with infertility.  We long to have our family grow and to share our love with some sweet little wus, but for now we are waiting for God's perfect timing.

Thanks for stopping by wuhoo!  We stopped blogging for awhile when our blog was hacked in early 2011, so we moved it  to blogger in the fall, where we hope it will stay.  When we moved the blog from typepad to blogger some of our earlier posts' formatting got really messed up, which bugs me, Amanda, to no end, but I have no time to go back and fix it. :( Such is life, right?

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