Eden's Awesome Hair

Eden was born with a full head of hair, and it has continue to just grow and grow.  We are having a lot of fun having an infant that has hair that can already be put into pigtails!! :)

My mom, Eden's grandma, calls Eden's hair "firework hair" because of the way it stands up and then just goes which ever way it wants to.


Actually, the Taiwanese call pigtails "fireworks."  And, after seeing Eden's "pigtails" it totally makes sense!!  She was only nine weeks old when I first attempted to put pigtails into her hair:

It didn't take long before people started making comparisons of Eden to certain cartoon characters.  Some said she looked like Agnes from Despicable Me, while others said she favored Boo from Monster's Inc.  And, in her natural state, I thought her hair looked a lot like many of my male college students, who are attempting to be like Goku from Dragon Ball.

Regardless of who she might or might not resemble, we love her wild, crazy and very unpredictable hair, and we are having a blast trying to tame it every so often when the mood strikes us.

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  1. Oh my. How did I miss this one. LOVE the hair comparison. And her amazing smile. Makes me happy every time I see a picture of her on facebook.


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