new glasses

Lawrance and I got new glasses over CNY.  This is the first time since junior high that Law hasn’t had frame-less/rimless glasses.

Of course I’m kinda partial, but I like them! :)

My Handsome Hubby!! :)
my handsome hubby makes my heart swoon :D

"i don't believe in love"

double joyTalking about the topic of “marriage” with students here in Taiwan always makes me just a little bit sad.

Most of of my students–male and female–do not want to get married.  They claim they have absolutely no desire to get married.  I find this SO hard to believe.

As college students in America, I and my classmates/roommates were all about getting married and there was even the “ring by spring or your money back” saying going around, and we were teased and teased others about getting an “MRS. degree.”  (By the way, if that was true, I want my money back.)  But, maybe even things in America have changed too . . . I don’t know . . . that was 10 or so years ago after all.

Here are some of the things Taiwanese college students (mostly female) are saying about marriage in my classes:
  • I don’t believe in love.  It’s too good to be true kinda like fairies.
  • Marriage just ruins dreams.
  • I don’t want to get married because it just “ma fan” (trouble).
  • Marriage is the graveyard of love.
  • I don’t want to get married because of the “shu foo” (shackles) it places on you.
Every time I talk to students about love and marriage, I leave perplexed and saddened.  I at least now grasp their arguments, even if I don’t agree.  At first I couldn’t even understand their arguments at all.

It’s sad.  And even though I’ve heard all different kinds of explanations for why my students don’t want to get married . . . the root of them all is sin.  The truth is we live in a fallen world.  Scripture tells us that God is love.  And, I firmly believe that those who don’t know Him are unable to love others.  No wonder my students are so hard-hearted and willing to deny the existence of love altogether.

Marriage and family life in Taiwan weigh heavy on Lawrance and my hearts.  We aren’t sure exactly when or in what manner, but we desire to allow God to use us to minister to the broken and hurting families and loveless singles in Taiwan.

We invite you to join us in praying for us as we seek the Lord’s direction in our lives, as we ask Him for guidance and wisdom in the decisions we are facing right now.  Thanks in advance!!

chinese new year

Chinese New Year was weird for me this year.

I was looking forward to going back for the annual hot pot reunion at the Wu house.  But, instead I was sadly stuck  in an airport.  Because of the snow in Dallas, 1 canceled flight, 1 seriously delayed flight, 2 missed international flights, and a redirect to a different city, I missed celebrating Chinese New Year’s Eve with family.  I was supposed to arrive on Friday the day before CNY Eve, but arrived on Sunday, CNY Day.

I think I also kinda missed all the “excitement in the air” part of the holiday by being in Texas for the days leading up to the holiday as well.  So, it just made it seem weird.

I missed all  the fireworks.  I missed weeks of hearing “gong xi, gong xi, gong xi ni” played over and over in store speakers.  I missed  . . .  I just missed it.  It felt like there was no celebration at all.

Out to LunchHappy Chinese New Year!

However, since Lawrance had the entire week off for CNY, we were able to spend the entire week just together and relaxing.  We did nothing special or amazing, but it was great nonetheless.

We did go visit my best friend, Ellen and her family for a few days . . . which included seeing all her relatives, soaking in a hot spring, getting a Thai massage, making a Costco run and eating great food.

So, now the holiday and winter break are over . . . and it’s back to work and school we go . . . hi ho.  hi ho.
P.S. I’ll take seeing my precious family and spending time with loved ones over feeling “not weird” anytime . . . a little weirdness is good for the soul, right?

time in texas

I am SO thankful that Lawrance was willing to let me go to Texas for a month so that I could meet my nephews and spend time with the rest of my family too!

I’m thankful I was able to . . .
my good lookin' brotherspend time with my very grown up little brother

me and my nibblingsspend the mornings with my sleepy nephews

sweet babyplay with this cute, cute, cute little one and stealing all the sugars I could

playingClimb up into the chic-fil-a playscape and have a little fun :D

hanging out with the Grandparents!!Eat Mexican food with these two awesome people several times!! :)

Grandma Smith and Zoespend precious time with precious ones

Car battery dead . . .have the "washing machine cycle of life" get messed up because the car battery died

Mom and Dadhang out with mom and dad :D
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