a good thing (芒果剉冰)

mango chawbing

This tasty treat is  芒果剉冰 (pronounced: mang gou chouw bing).

It is ice topped with fresh mango and condensed milk.  It costs about $1.25 USD. 

I love this dessert!  It is perfect on a hot summer afternoon after bike riding. 

If you ever happen to be near FengShan, give me a ring and I'll treat you to a bowl.


  1. I still haven't been in KaoHsiong region/county, so I hope to meet you in Taiwan (or Texas) one day sister! =)
    If you're ever in California, give me a ring and i'll have an In N Out burger and jamba juice for ya!

  2. *drool* my favorite! once described by a friend as "God's goodness in a bowl"

  3. Ha i'm here come on give me that treat~~:D

  4. Ha Ha! I think you should treat me!! ;)


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