a travelling we go


Tiffany, Rebecca and I are off to the northern part of Taiwan.  They have just 4.5 days left here with me.  As we will be busy seeing and doing lots of new things, the rest of the day-by-day updates will have to wait till I come back on Thursday.

Have a great weekend and week . . . and I'll "see you" later.

P.S. Again, thanks to those of you who helped with the contest voting.  Winner will be announced on Monday.  Even if I am third, I still will get my very own xshot so that I can bless you with even more pictures. :)


  1. You won! You won! You won!!
    Congrats!!! We fully expect to see lots and lots of cool pics with your new xshot. :)

  2. yay!! thanks for letting me know and thanks for voting!!


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