new from nestea (and 9 random thoughts)

New From Nestea

This cool new carbonated apple tea drink can be found at your local Taiwanese 7-11, OK (known in the States as Circle K), Family Mart, or other convenience store. 

Random Thought 1: I can leave my house and walk for less than five minutes and within those five minutes I could buy this drink at 2 different 7-11s, 2 different OKs, 2 different Taiwanese "stuff stores" (almost grocery stores but not quite), and 3 (possibly 4) no-name, family run convenience stores.  Yes, yes, in only 5 minutes or not-so-brisk walking I could visit any one of those!

Random Thought 2: The convenience of all these convenience stores is of course thanks to the fact that I live in a highly people-dense area.

Random Thought 3: Notice that one side of the bottle is in English and the other side is in Chinese.
One of the many benefits of being raised reading English--not all
foreign products are complete mysteries even if you are not bi-literate.

Random Thought 4: Number 3 is true, but please remind me to tell you later the story of my sister and
the "milk" that she bought me when she was visiting me here three years ago.

Random Thought 5: You know you are tired when the way you poorly attempt to spell "carbonated" is thought to be "caffeinated" or even "decaffeinated" by the spell checker with no mention of carbonated in site.

Random Thought 6: You know you are REALLY, REALLY tired and should call it quits when after four different attempts at trying to spell "convenience" the spell checker still doesn't know what word you are trying to spell.  So, you have to go over to google and google the misspelled word so google can help guess what you meant to type; but, sadly, even google doesn't know what you are trying to spell.  Yes, people, it took four different spell checking tries and three google tries for me to be able to spell "convenience" correctly.

Random Thought 7: Did you know that the thing I love most about the latest FireFox version is that it checks spelling inside of the WYSISYG boxes and other type input boxes??  I LOVE that feature!! 

Random Thought 8: This was supposed to be a really short post due to my being sick and tired; yet, because I am sick and tired (and unable to think clearly), it has turned into a needlessly long post. 

Random Thought 9: Good night.


  1. I TOTALLY agree with thought #7!!!! That is just a great feature. I even mentioned it in my "top 100 things about me".
    That's so cool that you are so close to so many convenience stores. I miss that about Peru - being able to walk so much and get the things I need. Do you usually walk around Taiwan, or do you drive/ride?

  2. What flavor is this? I don't think I've noticed this new drink.

  3. hope you're feeling better now.
    is that ice tea any good?

  4. @Sandy: its apple tea that has carbonation
    @Joyce: Not bad. too sweet for me to drink again. My brother would LOVE it though.


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