this is so cool!!

Q: What would make these photos that my friend I took when we were out sightseeing WAY better?

in need of an xshot

Original Photos in this mosaic can be found here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

A: An XShot.

If we had had an XShot, we could have not only gotten more of us in the photos (you can hardly see Mio at all in pictures 5 and 6), the cool landscapes would have been much more visible too (in picture number 3 you can't even see the twin hearts behind us)!

Ok, so what exactly is an XShot and why do I think it is so cool?  An XShot
is a small extendable contraption that allows individuals to take
self-portraits at lengths much further than arm's length.  It compacts
to nine inches, yet expands up to thirty-seven inches. 

Like a tripod it safely holds onto your camera; unlike a tripod
there is no running to get back into place before the timer goes off
(and no worries that a perfect stranger is going to walk off with your
camera and tripod in tow).

As a single gal living overseas, having one of these would be so
much fun and enable me to capture many more great pictures of life
here in Taiwan!

At first I wasn't going to enter the contest, I was just going to go order one of these really cool photo-taking tools (because I can use the coupon code SparkRocks to save $5.50 off of this nifty thing till tomorrow)--but the company doesn't ship internationally, yet the contest holder does. 

So . . . here I am attempting to win an XShot from BenSpark instead.  (You can enter the contest too if you want--entries are being taken till Sunday at noon.)

See the photos on this page or check out this video to see exactly how the really cool XShot works:

(Disclaimer: This post is as close to an ad as you'll ever find on my blog.)


  1. nice entry. That background is gorgeous. An Xshot would help to capture more of that. Good Luck!

  2. Hey there!
    Just in case you don't win . . .
    This was has been out a while. It has a few more goodies for the same price or it can become a small tripod. Check it out here:
    J & F

  3. And, they ship to Taiwan . . . I wonder how much . . .
    These things are so fun!!!!!


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