can you read chinese?

from ellen
I get asked this question A LOT!!

I usually answer with "I can read on about a second grade level--you know basic stuff like signs and menus."

Apparently, my best friend thinks the answer to that question is "YES!"  She sent me a postcard, and it was written completely in Chinese. 

At first, I freaked out.  I was like "WHAT!?!?!  How I am supposed to read this!?!?!  How on earth did she forget that I was American!?!"

Then, after I looked at it a little more carefully it started making sense. The biggest challenge turned out to be that it was in handwriting and not "typed."  Apparently, my best friend knows my reading level right on. 

So, Ellen, what would say my Chinese reading level is?  Thanks for the postcard!!  It made me quite happy to get it.  I miss you and can't wait to see you too!!  And, once again, happy birthday, girly!!!


  1. I think your Chinese is way beyond the second grade level!! So, I didn't worry about it at all when I wrote this postcard to you. Can't wait to see ya, either.

  2. Wow! your Chinese level is very good.

  3. he he. Yep--I can read your blog no matter what language you use! :)


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