dun xia

Tiffany and Rebecca have been having fun trying to "dun xia" (蹲下) (ie. squat down) like the Taiwanese do:


The only way Tiffany and Becka can do it and still keep their feet flat on the ground without tipping over backwards is if they are on an incline:

DSC01761 DSC01760


  1. this is funny... I've been working on this with our group of 15 that is here right now. A couple can do it.
    We also ate Teppanyaki today... like you posted yesterday.
    Your friends are getting a great idea about Taiwan.

  2. Is squatting like this not normal? I do it all the time. Great, another weird thing about me.

  3. Can you do it flat footed?!?!?! with your bum only inches from the ground?!?!?!
    If so, I am amazed and you need to get yourself to Asia. You could squat with all the grandmas and tell stories of Jesus . . . you could squat with all the young people and tell them how great the Most High God is. . . . of course, you might need someone to translate, but if you've got the squatting down you are not alone . .. not weird at all!! You are like more than 1/4 of the world's population--I know that the 1.3 billion Chinese can do it . . . I am guessing most of the rest of Asia can too. So, nope you are not weird at all!! You'd blend right in . . .well, except for your beautiful coloring.

  4. "Can you do it flat footed?!?!?! with your bum only inches from the ground?!?!?!"
    Yep. My grandmother always squatted, too. My knees are starting to go, though, and it's getting harder to get back up afterwards.
    Beautiful coloring. You're making me blush.


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