Carnival of Beauty This Week

Carnival of Beauty

Being the week of 4th of July . . . I expect the CoB will be small this week.  But, I did want to remind everyone that you have till Thursday night to submit to the first ever "choose your own topic Carnival of Beauty." 

You can fill in the blank "The Beauty of  . . . " and write about whatever you want (as long as it still fulfills our mission or bringing glory to Christ of course). 

So, you can write about the Beauty of Peace, The Beauty of Freedom, The Beauty of Love, The Beauty of Holiness, The Beauty of Music, The Beauty of Smiles, The Beauty of Parenting, The Beauty of Ice Cream . . . yeah . . . just about anything would be ok!

So, go ahead, what are you waiting for?  Come join us as we reflect on the beauty that surrounds us!!

Submit your posts to Leslie at[at] by Thursday night. 

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