i am craving . . .

tacos TACOS!!!

Specifically . . .  beef tacos with gobs of melting cheese and lettuce and a few, finely chopped tomatoes.   Other fixings, nice but not necessary.

Soft?  Crunchy? Doesn't matter. 

Taco Bell?  ok. 
Taco Cabana? ok!
Little hole in the wall place my family goes to? OK!!

It doesn't matter . . . I just am really, really, really craving TACOS!!!!

(Photo Credit: pictures of yummy tacos are thanks to fllickr photographers using the creative common licenses: 1, 2, 3, 4.)


  1. Ummm...yummy. Now I'm craving tacos!! But I can't have any! :( Stupid diet!
    I'm guessing tacos are hard to come by where you are? :P

  2. Now you make me feel starving. =O

  3. Yeah . . .not something I can get very easily here at all!!
    Of course, I can make them myself, but they just are the "real texmex."

  4. I figure there are not too many taco stands round your parts!! that would just make me crave them more. You *can* always make them yourself, but it's not quite the same, is it??
    Now I'm hungry seeing those tacos. thanks!!

  5. Vote for Amanda daily

  6. Yuuuummmy!! Guess what I had for dinner last night??? Delisious TACOS ohh they were good, when you come see me I will take you there and we will eat as many TACOS as you want!!!!!!!! Man they were gooooooood!


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