much ado about gilby

As I've read and visited blogs this past week I have run into so many "blogkitties" in bloggy world.  Don't get me wrong, cats are cute, but come on . . . where are the dogs?

I even read--but don't remember where--that for every picture of a child posted to blogs there are 2.3 cat pictures posted.

I can't do much about the cat to cute kid ratio, but I can help with the question about where are all the dog?

So, without further ado, I offer you a few pics of my own sweet Gilby with his new haircut.



Cute right?

Here he is (pre-haircut) with Karen and Christine, some friends of mine.

Gilby with karen and Christine

And, last but not least, here is where I found him a few weeks ago after I finished putting away all the groceries.

Gilby in a sack

Yeah, that's right--inside the newly emptied sack. :)


  1. For some pictures of my puppy, go to my pet blog:
    Gilby is so cute! :-)

  2. Gilby's newest fan is my four-year-old daughter. She can't get over the cuteness!

  3. Now that is a sweet face!
    I'm just guessing that cat-to-cute-kid ratio exists for safety reasons. I do know that I'd be far more comfortable sharing pictures of my cat than pictures of my child with the world. Just a thought.
    I came here once before and looked around but didn't comment. What a pretty blog you have...

  4. I'm afraid I'm on the kitty side of the fence!! still love dogs, though, and gilby is just darling with his new 'do.

  5. I know exactly what you mean!! Cats all over the blogosphere!! LOL!! I'm going to try and do my part and look for a good doggie pose from our 'Pepper' this week.
    Gilby is adorable - esp the yawning one!


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