Tiffany and Becca's adventures--day 4

Day 4 with Tiffany included a trip back across the island.  But, first we took a few pictures at the hotel.  Taiwan's aboriginal people live on the east coast.  We were staying in the PaiWan Tribe area.  There are 12 different aboriginal tribes in Taiwan in addition to the Taiwanese (Hokkien) people, Hakka people, and Mainlanders. 

east coast hotel fun east coast hotel fun

We took the afternoon "off" and rested a bit.  Then for dinner, we had DimSum with Larina and her parents in downtown Kaohsiung. 

with larina's family DimSum

Of course we rode our mopeds there.  Although their backsides ached a little from the trip, they truly enjoyed the experience and the night scenes here.

Becka and Rina on a moped
Night scene in taiwan

Then, the best part of the day happened!!  We went to a Taiwanese night market!!  If you have not been to a night market while in Taiwan, you haven't really been to Taiwan. ;)

We were kinda full when we got there, but still we tried some new things . . . like "tea in a bag" and a chocolate covered frozen banana.

tea in a bag chocolate covered frozen banana

And, we played some "night market games" too!

DSC01568 DSC01573 DSC01589 DSC01577

And, did some shopping and lots of just looking at new stuff.

walking at the night market Dried Squid

But, perhaps their favorite part of the whole night was "fishing" for turtles with tissue paper hoops.  The paper gets wet and breaks so it is not an easy feat at all.  But, Tiffany got four and Rebecca got two.  I was impressed!!  So, now there are turtles living in my home too.

DSC01595 DSC01598DSC01602 little turtle trying to escape

More Day 4 pictures are on my Flickr.

Our night market trip was thanks to Andy, who was our awesome tour guide! 

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