If your rss reader grabbed a post called "doll collection" from me, it stole it. :)  It did NOT have permission to show it to you.  You might wanna give him a little talking to.

Just kidding.  I preposted that as a note to myself months ago as an idea to blog about if I had bloggy-block.  (I should have preposted it as a draft rather than a "real" post.  The oops is all mine.)

La_notetaking_3The truth is I have anything BUT bloggy-block.  There are ten million and twelve ideas floating around in my head waiting to be posted.  There are a number of series/collections of posts I'd love to put together.  There are several things I am in the middle of blogging and just haven't gotten around to finishing yet. 

So, what does a girl do when she has SO much to blog?  She blogs little posts that require little forethought because if she starts "forethinking" she might not be able to stop. :)

I'll get my act together one of these days . . . hopefully sooner than later! 

Thanks for all the encouraging emails and comments several of you have sent recently.  It makes a girl smile.


  1. haha, I came looking for that post... This solves the mystery.
    I have a working Word document in which I put random blog-thoughts. Some get posted. Many don't.

  2. Well, I just love your posts!!


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