green tea latte

I never had the chance to try Starbucks' Red Bean Frappuccino (Stacy, did you ever actually try it?), but I did try their "new" Green Tea Latte.

Now, I love green tea.  And I really love anything with mauh-cha (green tea powder) in it--ice cream, Kit-Kats, cheese cake, donuts.  And, I've even had a similar green tea drink at a local restaurant.

But this drink from Starbucks?  Not worth it.  It was ok, but just barely ok.  I'll stick to coffee from Starbucks, and green tea greatness from the local tea places.

When you go to places like Starbucks, do you venture out and try their "new" drinks or do you stick to your favorite standbys?


  1. It looks a bit gross. :) We like a coffee chain called Indigo. Their coffee is better than Starbucks but I'll settle for Starbucks if I need some quick coffee. I always get a Mocha Latte. When I went to Puerto Rico, I could get great coffee at any corner market. I never even looked for a coffee house the whole time I was on the island.

  2. I usually stick to my favorites.

  3. I always order the same two things, Vanilla Chai Latte or White Chocolate Mocha.

  4. That's easy! I don't go to Starbucks if there's a Beaners nearby (they've changed their name to "Bigbee's" to avoid offense, but they're still the best coffee going in Michigan!)
    Unfortunately, the blackbottom cupcakes are almost worth the stop at Starbucks (at many calories, I'm sure)

  5. Though I do try new stuff at starbucks once in a while, mostly I stick with my favorite-Latte. Caramel Macchiatto is another one I would have to cheer myself up at times. As a resident in Tainan, I like coffee at Masa's. Somehow to tell the truth, I am not sure if the problem is from that new employee or the milk, the last decaf Latte I ordered was horrible and it made me very disappointed. Since it's my favorite coffee shop, I would give it another chance next time. (Maybe I will just have Latte instead of the decaf kind.)(I guess I can't stand another awful experience.)

  6. I did try it. It has the same taste as the smell of fresh cut grass. With milk. :)


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