caution: dog in sink

Dog in Sink

No kidding.  Gilby likes the sink.

I leave Gilby in the bathroom when I leave the house for more than 5 hours (if less than 5 he stays in his little crate, also in the bathroom). 

The last few times I've come home guess where I've found my little guy?  That's right . . . in the bathroom sink!

Last week, I saw paw prints all over the sink and just wondered why.  But, now I know.  When I'm not home he climbs into the sink!  Silly dog.  It must be the perfect size for him to curl up in for a nap, but it worries me a little as far as safety goes. 

I guess I can add this to the weird places my Mr. Gibs likes to sleep. 

Does your dog sleep anywhere weird?  Has your pet ever surprised you by being in a strange place when you got home?


  1. My cat sleeps in the bathtub.
    Here's a related link: just like it sounds:

  2. I like this blog. It cheers me up.
    My cat Booger (now deceased..God rest his furry soul) when he was ill liked to sleep in the bathtub or the bathroom sink. I think he liked being close to water. He had kidney failure and needed to drink lots of water.
    My cat Jewel who is still with us and doing fine loves boxes of any kind and laying on any random paper that might have fallen to the floor. She likes the crinkly sound.

  3. I know of several dogs that like bathtubs and tile floors because they feel nice and cool on their bellies. Yes it's a hard surface, but it's airconditioning!

  4. my dogs do not like high places. i'm surprised Gilby doesn't mind. are you worried he'll fall off/out of the sink and hurt himself?


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