In View of God's Mercy

Carolyn McCulley has written another excellent piece on being single and waiting (and waiting) and rejoicing with those who rejoice all in view of God's mercy.

Mixed in with the bills and advertising mailers, there it is:
another wedding invitation. Addressed to you alone, no "and guest"

Waiting in the e-mail inbox is another happy announcement, along
with the photos of the sparkly ring: Another friend is happily engaged.

At the mall, you spot a former classmate — and her conspicuous baby bump. Another baby shower invitation lurks in your future.

You? You still wait. And wait.

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My favorite quote from the article . . .

Ah, but [rejoicing with those who rejoice . . . are getting married, are having children when we still remain single] is possible, you know. It's not only possible, it's
a biblical command. A command, however, that is wrapped in grace and
sprinkled with hope
. Far from a "grit your teeth and just do it" order
from an unsympathetic superior, this directive springs from mercy.


  1. I like the quote you singled out as well.
    Yesterday, you had in your "check out these blogs" section, a blog about a missionary in Equador. Now I can't find it. Could you relink me? My children were interested.

  2. Amanda, if you want to find a mate, stop talking about it on your blog. Nothing scares a man off faster than the idea that the woman is desperate -- and that's how you come across when you talk like that.

  3. First, if you were to really know me irl, you would know I am not desperate.
    Second, I think we need to talk about it in order to encourage others who are in the same situation in order that they might have a biblical view of waiting and being single.
    Third, I didn't write that--it is an article by a professional writer--I am pointing others to her biblical advice and encouragement.
    Fourth, if a man is scared away by me talking about my inner most desires . . . then he is NOT the man for me and he should feel free to run in the opposite direction.


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