it's just so very tempting!!

I have promised my little neighbors (my friend's daughters) that I won't work on the puzzle that sits in my living room if they are not there to help me work on it. 

Oh, the temptation is just SO great!!  It is hard to keep my fingers away from the pieces that are calling out to me to put them together.

My little neighbors better come over often so that I don't have to be tempted too long. :)

puzzle to work on


  1. I love puzzles too! I notice that you've got the pieces sorted by color, but you haven't done your "straight edges" yet. I always start with the straight edges. Funny how we all have our own ban fa for doing it. :-)
    The GARLIC BREAD pic above really cracked me up. Random. But garlic bread is photo worthy if it's good. Thanks for the tip on the mosaic maker. I assumed wrongly about having to use Flickr pics. Cool that you don't!

  2. We've sorted the pieces . . . and all the straight pieces are together. But, they were called home right as we were finishing sorting the pieces. It has sat in this exact position for this WHOLE week. . . I am going to go crazy!!

  3. You are a patient person. I'd be halfway through with it!! So...have they come back yet?

  4. We have 90% of the border put together.
    But it is HARD because the pieces are not unique, meaning several are cut to be the exact same shape and size. So, it is taking awhile.


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