fall has finally arrived!!

I've been happy since Tuesday night because fall has finally come to Taiwan.

By "fall" I mean it is cool enough outside I don't have to use my A/C during the afternoon anymore. :)  Taiwan stays green year round, so there are no trees with leaves changing colors before they blanket the ground.  Other than it being cooler there is (will be) no real difference.

But, boy, am I THANKFUL for it being cooler this week!!

20371328thmOh, and by cooler I mean a high of about 83F° (27C°) and a low of 74F° (22C°).  Yeah.  I know. 

You just have to trust me on that: room temperature really can be defined as cool!  Cool enough I even wore a jacket yesterday.  I think it is official--I'm off my rocker.

Happy Fall, Yall!!

P.S. I'm joining Rebecca in a month long thankfulness-fest.


  1. Amanda, I agree! I experienced a true example of "Murphy's Law' this week as my school installed a broken AC in my office two weeks ago and installed a working one on ...you guessed it, Tuesday...when it's now so cool that it's not needed! Ugh My students were asking last week how I was able to stand it so warm in there. I kept the AC on this week in there anyhow, just because I had it! ha

  2. Fall has finally come to Texas as well! We actually had to turn the heat on Thursday night! Thank you Lord for the cooler weather!

  3. that is precisely the reason why i only visit Taiwan in winter months (fall is ok too, i suppose, but i always end up visiting around Chinese new year time), any other time is too hot! =P

  4. Yes, fall has finally come to Texas! It is one of life's greatest blessings to experience the cool after months of hot weather (also a blessing in it's way). It reminds me of the blessing of authority that belongs to every Christian. The Bible tells us that male and female were given authority over God's creation, but not one over the other (Genesis 1:26). The destructive power of racial and gender prejudice can only be overcome by God's love. In Christ's Kingdom, no one rules over others because of religious background, race, social standing, or gender (Galatians 3:28). Women have such an inferiority complex because of bad theology and lies they are told. For more on all this, please visit Christians For Biblical Equality at cbeinternational.org, and God's Word To Women (address unknown at this time). For more on authority, please visit Kenneth and Gloria Copeland at Kenneth Copeland Ministries, aka Believers Voice Of Victory, or Joyce Meyer Ministries. I am sorry I do not have all these addresses at this time.


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