the sky today was awesome!

Blue Sky!!

First off the day started with a brilliant blue sky.  Now, this is nothing special if you live in Texas (or many other spots on earth).  I can't stop staring at the sky whenever I go home. 

But, here, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the sky is normally gray.  Yeah, sadly it's gray from all the pollution.

But not today.  Today it was a brilliant blue!!  It was so wonderful!!

Later, after classes this afternoon, my students called me to the office window.  And, then they showed me a beautiful rainbow! 

It totally arched all the way across the sky.  I don't think I've ever seen a complete (I know its really only half) arching rainbow in the sky,


Thank you, Father, for the reminder that you always keep your promises. 

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about the excitement of blue sky! When I was in South Korea two years ago, I really struggled with the grey sky because I am such a "blue sky girl" and it was a rarity--in the middle of summer!


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