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My Bedroom

When I was in Dallas last summer, I got to stay with both my sister and a good friend from college.  I have always admired both of them for their decorating abilities. 

LeAnn always made our college dorm look cozy and inviting.  Sarah has always had cute rooms and decorations.  Whenever I visit either of them I have to guard my heart from coveting after what they have--both their decorations and their knack for decorating! 

Which is kinda funny since their styles couldn't be more different!!  LeAnn is more homespun cottage with a touch of romantic or country depending on which room you are being hugged by at the moment.  And, I love it.  Her home is so warm and inviting. 

Sarah, on the other hand, uses a more contemporary style with a touch of Tuscan from her beautiful wrought-iron accessories that adorn nearly every room in her new home.  And, I love it too.  Her home is also warm and inviting--just in a different way.

I love that as women, we get to add touches of beauty to the world around us.  I enjoy visiting Sarah and LeAnn's homes to see how they are creating beauty in their living spaces, to see how they are expressing parts of their personalities through decorating the areas around them.

Since I love both of their styles and then have my own style preferences too, it shouldn't be a surprise what the results were to this really fun quiz I took from  According to their twelve questions, my design style is "eccentric with a touch of sweet and classy."

Colleagues at My Home 2 years ago

They say: "for you, it's all about the mix.  Any style is welcome in your world as long as it complements something else.  You're drawn to
funky interiors and eye-catching color combinations (think red and
blue, orange and turquoise, purple and gold).   You like contrasting
patterns and unconventional architecture.  You enjoy furnishings that
remind you of your travels mixed with modern pieces and offbeat
antiques." I think they hit the nail on the head (except for maybe the color combo thing).

They also suggested for decorating inspiration, I should look at rooms in one of these three styles: eclectic, southwestern, and Mediterranean.
Of these three, I like the eclectic best.  Some of the Mediterranean style rooms appeal to me; however, I personally don't care for
the southwestern style in my own living space. 

I do, however, like the styles they call contemporary, transitional, and Asian (I wonder why?). Oh, and just for FYI, I really like this Asian style living room.

 [The top photo is my "pre-pink" bedroom; my mom made the curtains for me.  The bottom photo was taken in my living room two
years ago (and not much has changed since then).   My mom and I
sewed the pillows in Texas, and my students helped me stuff them and stitch them closed here in Taiwan.]

So, what is your decorating style?


  1. My personal style is fourfold:
    1. leave junk laying around anywhere
    2. clean it up when Angie says to
    3. paint anything she wants with the paint she buys
    4. move furniture wherever she wants it
    I call it... "eccentric with a touch of laziness and joy that my wife makes GREAT choices."
    I'm more than happy to help in this way because I really hate making decorating decisions but I love painting and making holes in the wall with my hammer drill. :-)
    However... the quiz... which was for girls... which I am not... says:
    "Your style is CLASSY... You're a classic. Nothing trendy or faddish for you! You're drawn to timeless shapes and colors that never go out of fashion (think neutrals and rich accent colors, like jade or gold). You like your patterns crisp, and your buildings traditional. You enjoy well-crafted furniture that will look as gorgeous 100 years from now as it does today."
    Actually... I'd say that is pretty dang close... weird.

  2. Ha! You are right. The quiz was VERY much for girls.
    I didn't think to mention that--I forget guys might actually sometimes read my blog. :)

  3. My design style is "Classy" too! :-) That was a fun quiz. I think the results fit me pretty well. I like the look of some more contemporary rooms, but when I did my own living room I realized that for MYSELF I prefer a more traditional and neutral look. One nice thing about decorating an apartment: I know I get to start all over when we move. :-)

  4. I just found your blog and I love it. I can't wait to read more about your journeys as a missionary and to pray for you! :)

  5. I just had to add this...
    In the first comment I said:
    "4. move furniture wherever she (my wife) wants it"
    She had me move chairs around last night.

  6. I was so glad when my child grew up so I could take everything out of boxes, where I had packed it when he was born.
    I will take the quiz to find out what I am. I just got around to taking all the childproof catches on all the cabinet doors. LOL


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