shared posts and a bloggy quiz

First, let me tell you about a new feature I am trying out in my sidebar.  I switched from bloglines to google reader awhile back because I saw someone else's shared post page.  I thought it was a cool idea.  So, I signed up and imported all my bloglined blogs. 

Not only do I have a page that g-reader makes for me of my shared posts, but g-reader also makes a little clipmark kind of thing that I can add to my blog.  So, over there on the right, you will find a white and pink box full of posts I've recently read and thought were noteworthy.

I am going to try to be better about marking items as shared in my reader, but, well, you know, sometimes carbon-based life takes priority.


Second, I saw this quiz first over at The Sparrow's Nest a few days ago.  I took the quiz and then stored the results in my drafts, since then I've seen it all over the place! :)  My how fast things spread in bloggyville!! 

Well, in addition to Leslie and Kim, I tested as Elinor Dashwood. 

Which Jane Austen heroine are you?

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  1. I got Elinor Dashwood first but as there were a couple I was iffy on, I did it again and got MARIANNE Dashwood. Go figure!?! :) I plan to get some outside and opinion and see what it turns out like. I'm ultra-curious since I'm a Jane Austen fan. I totally thought I would get Lizzie or Emma. LOL


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