a short trip

Last week, two of my students, Gilby, and I went to PengHu County--south of where I live--for an evening of traditional Taiwanese fun.

We ate some traditional foods for dinner and then tried the famous 冷熱冰 (literally translated: "cold hot ice") for dessert.  "Cold hot ice"  is a bowl of hot treats--red beans, taro chunks, glutinous rice balls filled with peanut powder--covered in shaved ice topped with brown sugar water.

Here are pictures of what 冷熱冰 (cold hot ice) looks like, as well as pictures of me and Gilby with my students outside of the famous restaurant.

Cold hot ice

Another cool thing about this restaurant is that just outside of the restaurant is a vendor who sells mantou (steamed bread) from a converted bicycle.

Here is a pic of me on the bike, and a pic of Julie pointing to what is inside the steamer on the back of the bike. (Yes, we had the vendor's permission to play with her movable store.)  But, since the vendor was done for the day, she had already cleaned out the glass case in the front.  (I found one on flickr taken in the daylight when her case was full.)


Picture Credits: cold hot stuff 1 and cold hot stuff 2.


  1. Did they let you take Gilby into the restaurant?

  2. oh yeah . . . the owners of the store even gave me a short (small) cup of water for him to enjoy!
    Most restaurants here don't have doors. They are open air--meaning that you eat on the first floor of their home--in like the "garage"--so the "garage door" is up and you just walk right in. No door at all. Also, many times the cook is right there, you can see him or her prepare your food.
    And, I've only not been allowed to take gilby into one restaurant here in Taiwan and that was a buffet place. Even places that say "no dogs" still let me bring him in if I ask and show that he is in his little carry bag.


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