ahhh! life.

I am currently without internet in my home.  Talk about a major curve-ball to my normal lifestyle!! :)

Thanks for all the neat comments on the last post.  I have lots of different posts all being simultaneously written in my head right now.  They are all aching for me to be able to type them out.  Soon. Very soon.

Thanks for your patience with the Carnival stuff.  Right when I am making lots of changes is not a good time to be without internet access at home!  But, such is life.

This week the Carnival is over at Bethany's blog and the theme is The Beauty of Truth.  I can't wait!  Don't forget you now have till THURSDAY to post!!  Yeah!!  So, come join us!

Oh, and if you have time, please swing by Susanna's blog for The Beauty of Strong Men.  There are some awesome posts there!

Yall take care and maybe, just maybe, I can be back online at home tomorrow!!


  1. Can you answer a question for me, my twin? :) What is a carnival? I haven't figured it out completely yet. You're much more blog savvy than I am.

  2. a carnival is usually formed around a theme or is made up of a group a people with a common interest. There is a carnival for dog lovers, there is a Christian Carnival, a homeschooling carnival and so on. I am sure there are carnivals for writers too.
    Sometimes a carnival has a special theme each week and every blogger who participates writes about that theme.
    Usually, there is a different host/hostess for each week. The bloggers who want to participate write on their own blog a post for the carnival. Then tell the host/hostess about their post.
    The host/hostesses collects all the posts from the participating bloggers and put them in a single post on their own blog.
    The Carnival of Beauty is just for women and has a theme each week. Any Christian woman who wants to participate can post on her blog on the theme and then submit the post to the hostess.
    It is a great way to meet new bloggers and get link love and find readers for your own blog as well.
    I have been a part of the Carnival of Beauty almost since I started blogging.
    We'd love to have you join us!


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