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Two blogs I recently added to my Google reader which might be of interest to other missionaries are:

Kingdom Journalism and Missionary Geek.

Here is what they are about in the words of their authors/keepers/blogger owners(?).

The purpose of the Kingdom Journalism blog is to challenge and encourage Christian mission communicators around the world as they "describe God's mighty works" (Acts 2:11).


Missionary Geek is a blog about technology, productivity and ministry.
Focusing on the modern missionary, we'll look at the latest tools,
processes and hacks that will help you do your job easier, more cleanly
and leave you with more time to drink coffee with your friends. 

Know of any other blogs along these lines?  If so, please do tell.  I wanna check em out. 

HT: I found KJ via Missionary Blog Watch and MG via KJ. :)

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