The Beauty of Babies

Carnival of Beauty

This week's carnival surprised me a little.  I thought for sure we'd get lots of pictures of cute little babies.  There are lots of you out there with those kinds of pictures to share. 

Instead, we have a great assortment of different kinds of reflections all centered around the idea of babies. :)

Join me traveling around bloggyland to read about The Beauty of Babies.

First, and probably most exciting, Revka finally realized that she had been trusting in her
of salvation rather than in the Person who saves. 
Monday morning, she became a "new creature" in Christ. Read all about it, in her long, but great post: A Beautiful Birth.

Next, travel with me to the UK, where Susanna who is expecting, posts just about the changes that takes place in a baby and how each one has its' own beauty.

Next lets go back to the States--the deep south--and visit Bethany who is reflecting on her young son, how he's growing up too fast, and how he'll always be her baby.

Then, come on back here to my little corner of Asia, to read about how a single woman deals with mommy-longings in oh, baby.

Thanks for joining this week!  Next week will be over at Blair's Scribblings for The Beauty of Humility!  Come join us!!


  1. Thanks for hosting, Amanda! I'm glad we all got our entries in - finally. :)

  2. Thanks for being the hostess this week- glad you had a good number in the end. It is great, the variety of posts each topic produces :)


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