Happy Belated Dragon Boat Festival!! (端午節)

Dragon Boat Races 2006

Yesterday was the Dragon Boat Festival.  So, it was a public holiday for us here in Taiwan!  Yea!!

Sam took the above photo last year when he and I went to watch the races on Love River in Kaohsiung City.  Sam also took some awesome video of the races, but I can't find it right now.  If I do locate it, I will upload and share.

In addition to racing dragon boats, people enjoy eating "jong tz" or "sticky rice dumplings" . . . neither phrase tells you what these things are, right? :)

Basically "jong tz" are triangles of sticky rice stuffed with meat and mushrooms and then wrapped in bamboo leaves.


Here is a mosaic I made using one of my student's photos that she took of her mother making "jong tz."  [Thanks for sharing, Larina. ;)]

Can you identify all the items below that are put inside the "sticky rice dumplings"?

Jong Tz

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