a very special guest

I have a very special guest staying with me this week. 

After a long trip in a envelope all the way from Mississippi, Flat Shiloh, friend of Flat Stanley, is visting me here in Taiwan.  According to the letter Flat Shiloh came with, Flat Stanley is "a boy who gets flatened and can travel around the world by mailing himself there." 

Flat Shiloh hasn't even been in Taiwan for 24 hours, and she has already made several new friends, tried some new foods, learned to eat with chopsticks, and can speak a few Chinese words!  Isn't that amazing!!

Flat Shiloh in Taiwan

I am really looking forward to showing Flat Shiloh even more cool stuff about Taiwan.  Actually, she is really excited about her first moped ride later today.  So, we gotta go. . . . we'll update you more later on some of the fun stuff she gets to do.


  1. How fun! We loved it when Flat Stanley came to visit us. He got to fly across the country with my hubby and sit in the cockpit. We had the best time taking pictures of him.

  2. You rock at this project, by the way!! Shiloh is thrilled looking at Flat Shiloh's flickr pictures! Thank you sooooooooooooooo much!


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