making scripture important


For 2006, I want to make Scripture an important part of my life.

First, I would like to memorize whole sections of the Bible, not just a verse here and a verse there. I am praying now about what to memorize first.  I found this list of articles on scrpture memory.


  1. Cool. I really love reading through your site. I’ve also compiled some links here
    (It's the entry for 9/20/2005 if the link doesn't work)
    Hope that you've been able to press on with the Bible in a year plan. This is my second time trying to go through the Bible in a year. The funny thing is, by the time December rolled around, my memory of Genesis was foggy. I wish I had something more concrete to share, but I believe that memorizing and reading the Bible is important and will make a difference in my life.

  2. Oh you are so right!!
    Nothing, and I mean nothing, has changed my life as much as hiding God's word in my heart--whether that means meditating on it, reading it, memorzing it, singing it, or praying it back to him.
    We must learn to eat it. It is what sustains us and causes us to grow strong.


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