51-75 of 100 things that make me happy


51. smelling new/old books
52. being in a library
53. my mom’s chicken and dumplings
54. my grandmother’s homade rolls
55. hugging my paw-paw
56. having my feet massaged
57. using scented lotions
58. using a new phrase in Chinese correctly
59. having painted toenails
60. a new haircut
61. dark chocolate
62. oatmeal
63. ginger candy or snaps
64. playing on swings
65. sitting in a rocking chair
66. hearing the crunch of leaves underfoot
67. watching butterflies flutter
68. a new book
69. new gidgets and shiny gadgets
70. getting off an airplane in a different country
71. laughing till I cry
72. having pictures of friends, family, memories
73. snowmen
74. blowing giant bubbles
75. popping my gum

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