taiwan picture of the day . . . MINE!!

Double Hearts from PengHu

I recently added a widget that showcases a different photo of Taiwan from different photographers each day. See?  It's over there on the left-hand side.

I've kinda enjoy seeing the different views of Taiwan that I could never see all on my own.  There are just way to many beautiful treasures to discover on this tropical island. 

Anyhow, I decided to submit one of my own photos to Taiwan Picture of the Day a few days ago.  And guess what?  Today's picture of the double hearts is mine!!

If you've taken some unique pictures of Taiwan consider submitting some.  If you want to display a little touch of Taiwan on your blog you might consider checking out this widget.

I took this photo when I visited my student in PengHu.  A set of islands off the main Taiwan island.  Oh my!  It was breathtakingly beautiful!!  These double hearts aren't natural, but they aren't just for looks either.  They were created for a very practical reason . . . anyone know what that reason is?


  1. Great picture! I do know what they are for, but I'll give your off island readers a chance to think about it and guess. :-)

  2. That is so cool!!!
    I've been absent...so busy and away from the computer a lot...so I've just come back for a visit. Your header is awesome! Your new look is great! Well done. :)


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