gilby's first christmas

Gilby's 1st Christmas

For gilby's first christmas he was only five months old.  And, he hadn't ever had a haircut.  He looked quite different than he does now . . . long gone is that adorable little puppy phase. 

Oh, he is still cute--but it is defiantly a different kind of cute. :)

This red toy that he is playing (a Kong) with was a Christmas gift from my grandparents.  He even unwrapped his present all by himself.  I highly recommend the Kong toy--it's the most played with toy we have.  Also, it's now two years old and still in great condition.  Oh, and the little snowman outfit was a gift from my coworker/office-mate, Kady.  Her friend designs doggie clothing.

DSC04172-1 DSC04181

DSC04273-1 DSC04163-1

Ok . . . that it is for awhile about Gilby . . . I promise not to turn this into a dog-blog. :)

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