proof i was not exaggerating

Yesterday, when I talked about all the fireworks and firecrackers and all the noise I could hear, I wasn't exaggerating for effect.  You don't have to take my word for it, you can actually see and hear for yourself.

Another foreigner living in Tainan also wrote about the temple celebrations that went on this weekend.  He even went to explore the reason for the celebration and took videos of some of it.

He reports: "that temples from all over Taiwan came to Tainan to throw a party for the 300 years birthday for one of the oldest temples in Taiwan - the Koxinga temple. Zheng Cheng Kung, Koxinga, is a Chinese-Japanese local hero who 'liberated' Taiwan from the Dutch during the 17th (?) century, and who [his] university is named after. Since they celebrate this event every 30 years, this was a 10th anniversary for the 30th anniversary."

He captured some of the non-stop fireworks:

He also captured one of the idols being carried "over the firework remains in a strange go-forward go-left go-right go-back kind of dance."  This is in fact how all idols (that I've seen at least) are carried when they are marched down a street or go on a "god parade."  This carrying of the god can be seen about 30 seconds into this video:

And, he also captured one of the dragon dances I guessed were happening:

Right in the middle of the street!  This video is of fireworks and part of a god parade with some of the music I told you I could hear in my living room:

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  1. Oh! it's great to find fellow bloggers in Tainan!
    I thought I knew everyone... :D


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