graduation project update

Kara, Josephine, Me and Kara

They did it!!  They finished their graduation project and successfully defended it this past Tuesday.

This was a huge accomplishment!

These are the girls--Kara, Josephine, and Juliet--you helped by completing their online survey back in April.  They are grateful for your help.  Those of you requested a copy of their project will be receiving it after they make the suggested corrections by their oral defense committee. 

Even though I changed schools, I continued to be their project adviser.  They would take the train up to Tainan on the weekends in order to work on their project with me. 

To me, one of the best parts of being a teacher is watching my students shine.  And, this Tuesday, shine they did!!

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  1. Oh, I feel like such a dope!!! I fully intended to post a photo of my postcard from your girls on my blog and totally forgot!! I'll have to get it back out and do that. Shame on me.
    Congratulations for finishing with flying colors. You must be so proud of them!


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