come see the beauty!

“Come see the beauty of the Lord!” 

As we sang this song during the English worship service, an image of the gargantuan, dark idol on top of a temple in JhuNan flashed in my mind’s eye. 


How very different our God is!  He is beautiful.  He is clothed in majesty and glory.

Please pray with me for the Lord to open the eyes of the Taiwanese people that they may see His beauty. 

~in joy~


Picture Description:
    A close up of the idol’s angry glare.  He is a god of medicine—worshipers plead for health at this temple.  Click here for more pics taken at this temple.

Originally posted on my no longer active website on Sept 25, 2003.

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  1. Hi,Amanda! The blog makeover is lovely! Really nice. Glad that you blogged about it so those of us reading via RSS won't miss it.
    Our time in USA is good but little time for Internet of course. I caught up on your blog tonight.
    Love the nativity paper cut. Love your Christmas stories. Gilby is so cute.(And I'm not a dog lover. He's really cute.)
    I found that not having the trappings of Christmas got easier year by year. Now that I've had a year WITH them again, it was surprising how little I valued them. It was as if they were purged from my system. But of course, we do have some holiday traditions -- making cookies, making ornaments, etc. But those are simple things.
    And the angry god.... so sad. I don't get it. I STILL don't get it. So unworthy of worship. And certainly not an object of love unlike our beautiful Savior.


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