i need help (cream of mushroom help)

What's a girl to do when the recipe calls for a can of cream of mushroom soup . . . but she can't find any?

Can she easily make her own alternative?  How?  Any ideas on what can be used instead?  It's for a casserole I want to make.

Or, alternatively, anyone in Taiwan know where that same girl could actually find cans of cream of mushroom soup in Taiwan?   Do they carry it at Costco?


  1. Yes, Costco has it. We bought a big pack having about 10 cans. I hope you can get to a store, or stop by here and I'll give you a few. :)

  2. Do you have mushrooms?
    You can make white sauce and then chop up mushrooms small in the sauce.

  3. I would recommend the white sauce with mushrooms added. The consistency will be different because usually the can's are "condensed"... so you will have to plan your recipe accordingly.


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