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Last year I made 26 "Names of Jesus ornaments" for my Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.  I was going to carry over the tradition of doing something crafty on Christmas Eve this year too . . . but I have class.  So, I invited my class to my house for a party.  That's an ok compromise in my book.

However, I know what this year's craft is going to be . . . I really want to make an Advent Calendar.  So, I've been collecting ideas while I wait for a time when I can actually make it (which I am hoping is sometime during my Chinese New Year break in January and February).

I REALLY like the toilet paper tree ones that I first found on Bringing School Home and then later on here and the paper box and match box ones that I first saw on the Better Homes and Gardens site. 

There are also some really cool family and around the world themed ones that I think are really neat.

So, maybe it is a good thing that I don't have time till Chinese New Year to work on my Advent Calendar . . . gives me time to collect some more toilet paper rolls. :) 

Thought I'd share with you some of the inspiration I've been collecting.  You can click on this mosaic and go to flickr to see the photo credits and also click through to the page with the original photo.  On those pages, some of the photographers/crafters explain how they created their advent calendar in case you see one you want to emulate.

A Collection of Ideas for Making an Advent Calendar

Aren't these all just awesome.  Some are quite simple and others are more elaborate.  There are several ideas I want to copy. 

In typical Amanda fashion, I would like to have oh . . . about 100 advent calendars.  Do you think that would be too many?


  1. Hey! I've missed a lot!!! I love your recent blogs!!! We've been working on advent stuff too!!! I would love to see pics of your cross stitched ornaments for your Jesse Tree!!! I'm learning sooo much this year!!! :) I thinkI might copy your idea of the snow flakes with the girls!!! Oh, and I LOVE Evie's Christmas music!!! Do you know where to find it on CD? I love all the pics of the advent calendars and the tour of your beautifully decorated home!!! How fun!!! :) Merry Christmas!!!

  2. These are so awesome.
    I bought one this year from Starbucks. I wish I had seen this sooner - I would've loved to have made one!
    And btw- the picture of you with your doggie by the Christmas tree is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Nice to be back with you all!
    I love the idea of the Christmas decorations with the different names of Christ. I'll need to think about that for next year. I am not in my own flat yet so don't have a Christmas tree so I have a whole year to think something up!

  4. Hi Amanda,
    I love your collection of Advent pictures! (Thanks for including mine!) I loved the story about you praising God under the Christmas tree, and I agree. The glory all belongs to our Heavenly Father. God Bless You! ...and Merry Christmas!
    Everyday Cookies


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