Tiffany and Becca's adventures--day 6 (part 1)

On Day 6 we went to Kenting.  Kenting is on the southern tip of Taiwan and a vacation spot for many.   The three of us (and Gilby too) joined five of my students who had just graduated for a few days of summer fun.

We rented mopeds and then took off. . . . Rebecca was our "on moped photographer."

on the road again


Our first two stops were the South and East Gates and city wall in HengChuan.

South and East Gates in HengChuan


There was a row of yellow lantana and black butterflies everywhere. It was so pretty.

there were butterflies EVERYWHERE!! Becka and the Lantana + Butterflies


After that we stopped to see the famous "out of earth fire."  Natural gases escape from the ground and can be lit.  Kind of neat to see, but hard to photograph and REALLY hot!!

fire from the ground


We then went to the east coast side of the southern tip--jia-le-sway.  We were here to cool off just a bit and to dip our toes in the Pacific Ocean.  But, in reality, Tiffany and Becka got a taste for the Taiwanese people's love of photo-taking. :)

Jia Le Sway

in taiwan


We made two more quick scenic stops before rounding the most southern tip of the island and heading back to our hotel completing our circle around the bottom of the island.



Day 6 was a long day . . . so, I'll talk about the rest of the day later.  Of course, you can look at all the day 6 pictures on flickr (there are over 200 from that day alone).


  1. cool pictures! thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Sure! We had a blast . . . it is fun now remembering and thinking back about it.


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