done waiting

Remember when I wrote about waiting and how hard it is.  Well, that was over two months ago and now the waiting is over.  A decision has been made. 

These past two months have been interesting to say the least.  :)

Do you wanna know what is up?  Well, I am moving. 

I am leaving Kaohsiung--my home for the past four years and moving to Tainan.  Tainan is still in southern Taiwan, and is only about 40-45 minutes north of Kaohsiung if you are taking the highway and is anywhere from 30-75 minutes by train. 

This move also entails changing schools.  So there are lots of changes ahead in the next month of two.  Ahh . . . change.

This was not an easy decision as I love my home, my township, and my students.  But, I know this is the right thing to be doing right now.  The Father made that clear.

Anyway, this week and next week I will be packing up my current house and moving all my stuff into the new one.  I have considerably more stuff now than I did at the time of my last move considering my very first home in Taiwan was furnished.  Oh how very fast we humans accumulate stuff!!

But . . . for most of you my new location won't change anything because my home in the blogosphere will be the same.  :)

Here is the beginning of my packing--thanks to my very helpful friend, Ellen.  She came down this weekend and helped me to pack my nearly all of my living room and guest room.

moving as of 8/5


  1. Well, now that's unexpected! How exciting! I'm sure you'll be super busy, but you'll have to keep us posted on the move. I can't wait to hear about your new town!
    I don't envy you on the move, though.

  2. Wow - what fun. Its a big deal moving. I hope everything goes smoothly.
    Oh and congratulations on winning the camera thingy. I'm so happy for you.

  3. What are all those colorful (mostly bright pink) post it notes on what looks like bookcases??? Love ya, Mom

  4. the pink things are my to do list.
    when i complete an item it gets pulled off, wadded up and thrown away. feels much better than crossing something off a tiny list.
    the other colors are marking what is to be my color-coded system for moving into my new home. Each box gets a colored post-it taped to it that tells the movers which room to put it in. I am doing this for two reasons--(1) I can't write the rooms in Chinese and (2) the boxes are all from 7-11 so finding the maker on the boxes isn't easy.


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