seafood pizza

three different kinds of seafood pizza and one black pepper beef pizza

Did you know that there are actually multiple kinds of "seafood pizza"?

Yes, yes, that's right . . . you can choose between:

  1. Surf and Turf,

  2. Shrimp Delight,

  3. (Just Plain) Seafood,

  4. Seafood Jungle,

  5. Lobster Abalone Cheesy Lava 3, or

  6. French Style Seafood.

When some of my students came to my house for an end of the year/graduation party, they ordered pizza.  They had three different kinds of the above seafood pizzas and Black Pepper Beef pizza (the above picture).

And, once, I ordered a Shrimp Delight for my own dinning pleasure.  It was so momentous an occasion--that I choose to order a seafood pizza by myself--that I deemed the occasion picture-worthy (see below). :)

Shrimp Pizza

Shrimp Pizza

Don't knock till you try it!!

So, exactly how many kinds of seafood pizza have YOU tried lately?


  1. The closest I've come to seafood pizza is pizza with anchovies on it. I'd try it, though, because I love seafood.

  2. If I "see food" and it's pizza, I will definitely eat it....but not if it's "seafood" pizza. LOL! None of our family likes fish, so I'm not sure you'd get any takers on your offer of pizza! :)


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