not just rain--flooding too

It is still raining!!!  Right now, quite heavily.

And so for the last few days, like many others in the southern parts of Taiwan, all my neighbors have had their homes flooded.  One told me the flood waters came up to her mid-calf.  Another had waters up to her knee in their living area.

And what is the forecast for the coming week?  Well, according to Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau:


Yep.  Another WEEK of rain!!!  Why?  Well, because of Typhoon #3: Typhoon Sepat.



I found this picture on flickr by Poagao, and while it is not my neighborhood nor from this typhoon . . . you can still get a feel for what's going on around here.

Flood Alley by Poagao on flickr


  1. I hope you stay safe and dry. My daughter wants to do what you do. I've always wanted to visit Taiwan. I've had friends and family say it's beautiful over there. Blessings to you.

  2. Gosh, thats a lot of water, probably a worst hit scenario. take care and stay dry lest you catch a cold...

  3. Is there no end in sight?? I feel so bad for you all! Hopefully you'll start to dry out soon, before it gets even worse.


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