Please Pray

I am passing on a request from
some dear missionary friends of mine in northern Taiwan, Teri and Norm:

Mei and Ming are new Taiwanese Christians, and their faith is really being tested.  Mei is about 6 months pregnant.  The doctors say the
baby is deformed and will have many health problems.   The doctors,
therefore, are telling Mei and Ming to abort their baby.  This is common.

Family and friends are all chiming in with the same
sickening chorus.  The parents are angry at them saying that the
reason this has happened is because Mei and Ming turned from idol and ancestor worship.

Thursday, Mei and Ming go to the doctor to check on the baby.  They will need to make a difficult decision.

Please storm the gates of Heaven with your prayers for this
little child and the parents.
  Pray this battle does not go to the
enemy! Pray for God to be glorified through all of this.  Pray for
strength for this new Christian couple as they seek to do what is
right.  Pray
for wisdom for the decision they must make.  Pray for more faith
to lean on the Lord and not their own understanding. 

Thanks in advance for joining with us as we boldly go before the throne of the Most High God.

(I have given this couple pseudonyms--the Lord still knows exactly who.)


  1. wow, what a huge opportunity for the Lord to be glorified...but what a scary step of faith to take!!! will be remembering them.

  2. Oh goodness - I wish I had seen this yesterday. I was coming here to give you love and hugs for your sweet message on my blog last month...
    Oh how stuff like this gets to my heart in a hurry - I'm praying right now!

  3. I know it's a little late, as I just saw the request, but I prayed nonetheless at 1:35 p.m. today. Please let us know how this resolved and how we can conitnue to pray.

  4. Amanda, do you have a update on this situation?


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