what do birthday cards say about you?

Nearly all my birthday cards shared a very similar theme this year. 

Here is a random sampling of cards from family, students, and friends both American and Taiwanese.

Birthday Cards . . . pink flowers galore

Do you see the similarities?  They all have flowers and all are pink!

It is intersting that people "know" this. 

I don't go around telling people I like pink flowers--in fact, I prefer white dasiys or yellow sunflowers.  But, I do love flowers, and I do love pink.  I guess the people who love me are fully aware of this. :)


  1. Those are beautiful cards. It's making me start to like pink flowers. Actually, I just like flowers no matter what.
    Again, happy birthday

  2. I found exactly the same with my last birthday Amanda! I also had a very distinct theme of flowers (especially roses) and ballet - well, my dance teacher did always refer to me as the "classical rose"!


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