Happy Weekend! (and CoB stuff)

I am off this weekend to take a student to a speech contest in Taipei.

She has memorized Lincoln's Gettysburg Address for the contest.  I've really enjoyed helping her with it.  I had only really heard the "Four score and seven years ago" part.  But he plays with the word "dedicated" through out the speech.  It is cool.

Anway, I'm off. 

Carnival of Beauty

Please stop by Lindsey's blog to see both her new design and the Carnival of Beauty for this past week. 

Next week, we actually have a topic we've written about before (I
rememeber because I hosted it). :)  It is the Beauty of Flowers.  If
you are interested in joining us, we welcome you!!  Please send
submissions to Ellen at MzEllen & Co.

The carnival has been quite small recently--between 1-3 posts.  Nothing wrong with this, but now I see why Sallie questioned us.  I am praying and thinking about it.  I know it has been important to me and helped me so much as a new blogger, but is it still serving it's purpose? 

Any ideas or input on this would be much appreciated.  I've thought about several options . . . such as changing the day of the week; making it every two weeks or monthly instead of weekly. . . .   So, please feel free to comment here or email me with suggestions or ideas for the CoB. 

Thanks in advance.


  1. Hey there,
    I read the carnival weekly and have thought in the past that it would great to write something for some of the weeks however I don't have a blog that a carnival post would work on (we have a family blog that people use to watch our kids grow). Is there a way to write and have it on the main person's site rather than a link to mine? This might open it up to more people if readers that didn't have blogs could be included. Just an idea. (If this is already allowed then maybe you should get the word out that you can do this!)

  2. I always mean to include a post and then I get so busy!:(
    Maybe every two weeks would work better?
    Don't be discouraged!

  3. I always mean to include a post as well. I love the CoB very much!

  4. I've participated in the carnival, and would like to do so again, but sometimes I just can't come up with anything to fit the theme. How about having a Christian women's carnival without using a theme? I'm sure you would get more entries.

  5. I think there are a few reasons it has been slow. I think some folks still weren't sure it moved, and the previous hostess did not promote it as much once it moved, which also led to some confusion.
    I too would ahte to see it go completely, but maybe once every two weeks or once a month would be good. If interest picks back up, then you can increase it back to once a week.


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