5 is too many

My coworker in the harvest has a brother who is also missionary.  He serves with his family in Southeast Asia.  One of his national coworkers who lives on a boat told him one day:

"I am blessed because I had five shirts.  But that is more than I need.  I kept two for myself--one to wear while the other is washed and drying.  The other three I gave away.  I only need two."

How much I have!!  How much I take for granted!! 

I cannot forget this story.  Whenever I go shopping and whenever I think of things I think I "need," I remember this man.  No, I do not think I have to live with only two shirts because this man does.  But, I do need to reevaluate what I need to have to live and what I can live without.

Father, help me clearly see what is necessary for life and what is fluff and clutter.  Thank you, oh, so much for blessing me.  Help me from letting those blessings distract from worshipping and depending on you.  Teach me how to bless others with the abundace you have given to me.


  1. Thought you might like this site: www.TheHopeWithin.org
    It is based on 1 Peter 3:15 and it is a very interesting way to share our faith without using too much of our time.
    Feel free to add the link to your blog if you want.

  2. Amanda! You won't believe this, but today I actually BOUGHT FIVE shirts!!!! I went to Carrefour and they were having a sale and I (thought I) needed some spring shirts for school. Wow, don't I feel humbled now ;)!!!


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