gilby's new "den"

I'm in spring clean and declutter mode right now.  So, I was using a box I found as my papers to be recycled pile . . . well, that was until Gilby decided to climb in and claim it has his new den.

Gilby's new "den" (for blog)

When I put the box away, he was a little upset and let me know that he could not get comfortable without it.  So, it is back out for now--and as I type he is sleeping in it. 

Don't know for how long I'll keep the recycle box out as his new little "den."

Forget the expensive dog pillows and wicker baskets . . . just get an old box the right size!


  1. Hehe I know what you mean about this! Recently we have been giving our dog plastic Coke bottles (the small .5 liter ones) to chew on... She LOVES them and it's so cute when she picks one up by the lid and carries it around the house. Ah, cheap toys! :-)


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